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  • Product Focus - WayCap

    WayCap have completely side-stepped the environmental issues surrounding coffee capsules and developed a 100% reusable capsule for the popular Nespresso machine. The majority of coffee capsules end up in landfill where they take anywhere from 150 to 500 years to break down. With approximately 30% of UK homes owning a coffee capsule machine, something clearer needed to be done.   View Post
  • 20 Ideas for an Eco 2019

    With the champagne glasses officially washed we’re left with a shiny new 2019. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the eco problems from last year have packed their bags when the extended family did. 2018 saw some excellent awareness around the globe on crucial issues such as plastic pollution, consumer throwaway mentality, climate change, and species extinction.  View Post
  • Product Focus: Georganics

    Georganics offer a range of natural oral care range which is 100% cruelty-free, plastic-free and environmentally sustainable. Their product range includes natural toothpaste, toothpowder, floss and mouthwash tablets which come in recyclable glass bottles with aluminium lids.  View Post